Halloween Fun

Here are some quick pictures from the Halloween parade and party today. It was a fun-filled day. Thanks to all of the volunteers who made the party as success. 



The Pencil Trick

Our science investigation for the day involved figuring out how to balance a pencil on its tip, using a wire, and clothesline as counterweights. It took a few tries before someone figured out how to attach the wire to the pencil. I love their faces when they achieve success. 

Also, one note about this week’s math homework. As I was reviewing those that have been turned in, I discovered that the challenge sheets didn’t come from the 2nd grade curriculum, but kindergarten  or 1st. I send page numbers online to the copy room and they must have gotten the pages from the wrong grade by error. Oh well, everyone should have an easy time completing it. There won’t be math homework this week since we are taking the unit test tomorrow.  


October 4 Update

Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a detailed post. I thought when I had an empty nest at home I would have more free time, but life remains as busy as ever. We have been moving right along in 2nd grade. In reading and writer’s workshops, we continue to work through the first thirty days of school. Some of  the read alouds have focussed on the efficacious learner characteristics of being responsible, resourceful, and self-directed. Students have used the I-pads for reading at their independent level with the RAZ-Kids app and had a little free time for self-exploration. In math, we are just about finished with the first unit and will take the unit test at the end of this week. We started the Balance and Motion science kit. This is always a fun unit for students. Last week, they worked on finding the balance point of several objects. This week, they will make mobiles and then move on to things that spin. Stay tuned for some photos from these lessons. 

As the weather turns cooler, please make sure your child has what they need to be comfortable during recess. A light jacket or sweater is needed on many days. The temperature in the building can vary, too. You might want to send a sweater or sweatshirt they can keep in their locker for times when it’s chilly in the classroom.

A quick reminder that Chip Shoppe orders are due this Tuesday, Oct. 6.